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Right, this is my first attempt at a description so it will be brief.
I am 18 years old, live in a student accommodation in Nottingham, England. I am studying History and contain many strong personal beliefs about the world and the humans that breath in it. If you don't like some of my posts and want to criticise then feel free, just don't send me a hate-mail spouting nonsensical curse-words. Actually try to engage in a sensible debate rather than being a child about it.
About 3/4 this blog contains images of war, whilst the rest contains posts which will usually illustrate my personal opinions, which show no linkage to my war posts.

My family is getting more anxious
[21:53:15] Jack Alexander: Heard them in the morning ‘Muslims, ISIS’
[21:53:30] Jack Alexander: I don’t blame them, I’ll tell you why
[21:54:38] Jack Alexander: It’s estimated about 400 (more than that) British citizens moved to Syria and other places and were turned into extremists, and will be coming back here to potentially target civillians on the streets.
[21:55:04] Jack Alexander: Just like the Woolwich murder of Lee Ridby, only on a much larger scale.
[21:55:09] Jack Alexander: Rigby*
[21:55:30] Jack Alexander: Even the Prime Minister managed to mention the threat
[21:55:59] Jack Alexander: Any member of ISIS or Boko Haram could come here, as long as they are secretive about it, and start killing.
[21:56:33] Jack Alexander: It certainly makes me worry about going into the public domain, if I ever get the chance
[21:56:43] Jack Alexander: I’d be one of their first targets
[21:57:08] Jack Alexander: And they say ‘Not all Muslims are terrorists’ and think that solves the problem.
[21:57:33] Jack Alexander: No, not all Muslims are terrorists, because if that were the case, civilization would cease to exist by now.
[21:58:00] Jack Alexander: This is scaring me, Marina.
[21:58:20] Jack Alexander: Day by day, this threat has now entered my parents’ household and is making my own father buy a gun.
[21:58:34] Jack Alexander: He’s never mentioned such a thing
[21:58:39] Jack Alexander: Never had to
[22:05:18] Jack Alexander: You cannot fight a deathcult hellbent on world domination, the permanent persecution, humiliation and punishment of half the population [women], the beheading of anyone that does not commit to said cult, and that actively promotes hatred in every corner of it’s scripture.
[22:06:03] Jack Alexander: Islam is the biggest religious threat because it is not just a faith; it is a way of life. It claims to have the answer to every question.
[22:06:57] Jack Alexander: It is all-inclusive as Hitchens put it. It claims absolute authority and includes it’s own way of culture, political discourse, it even includes plans for it’s own Islamic Empire.
[22:07:37] Jack Alexander: It just WISH people would realise that, staring right infront of them, in their own country, it such a cult that is allowed to have not only it’s only say, but it’s only courts.
[22:07:47] Jack Alexander: own*
[22:08:32] Jack Alexander: Total
[22:08:42] Jack Alexander: Total-itarian
[22:09:09] Jack Alexander: I can’t stress it enough.
[22:09:14] Jack Alexander: History is repeating itself
[22:09:30] Jack Alexander: And we are allowing this to happe, unnoticed
[22:09:33] Jack Alexander: happen*
[22:09:54] Jack Alexander: What your dad fought for, on that beach. It’s currently in the process of being ripped apart.
[22:11:02] Jack Alexander: And everyone in my family asks me why I talk so seriously, so politically. Well, it’s because I am worried.
[22:11:17] Jack Alexander: I do have a fear of Islam, but it is far from irrational.
[22:11:44] Jack Alexander: And the people that use the term ‘Islamophobe’ deserve to be made redundant.
[22:12:14] Jack Alexander: And be sent to Iran, an Islamic country in itself. Let’s see what rights you have over there.
[22:13:28] Jack Alexander: I’m going to keep ranting like this to people until one day, either one of two things happen: The Muslims are deported for being Muslim, or I am deported for being non-Muslim.
[22:14:09] Jack Alexander: That is putting it mildly, I am pretty sure I’d be more than justy deported.
[22:14:45] Jack Alexander: And that will happen, given the seperation of public opnion at the moment, it’s either one intolerant way or the other.
[22:16:42] Jack Alexander: Because there is peaceful way of settling this.
[22:16:45] Jack Alexander: no*
[22:17:06] Jack Alexander: Communism ended peacefully, why?
[22:17:29] Jack Alexander: Because hardly anybody in those Soviet states were given enough brainwashing.
[22:17:37] Jack Alexander: They saw through it
[22:17:50] Jack Alexander: That’s why they were protesting. IT WAS AN INTERNAL COLLAPSE.
[22:19:01] Jack Alexander: Look at Nazism. Completely different story right there. An external collapse by surrounding countries, because everybody inside the Nazi state were so oppressed and brainwashed, nothing could be done internally to stop it.
[22:19:08] Jack Alexander: Not even the high commanders in Valkyrie could stop it
[22:19:34] Jack Alexander: Now take such a state and simply replace the word ‘Nazism’ with ‘Islamism’.
[22:20:19] Jack Alexander: The only difference you will find, is that the Islamic state is more fanatic, because it contains scripture that has stood the test of time.
[22:21:47] Jack Alexander: And you know why Communism also ended peacefully?
[22:21:56] Jack Alexander: A reason nobody brings up
[22:23:18] Jack Alexander: It was the only Imperialistic and dictator-like state to not be religious, or have any leader worshipped to the extent that the other leaders were, or are, worshipped.
[22:23:50] Jack Alexander: It contained no scripture, just a love of the Communist state
[22:24:08] Jack Alexander: And as soon as the going got rough, they thought ‘Why do we live here? We didn’t choose this’.
[22:24:14] Jack Alexander: Peaceful protest. End of Communism.
[22:25:04] Jack Alexander: Now, why has North Korea, a state that claims it is exactly like the former Soviet Russia, failed to break itself from it’s own shackles after over 70 years?
[22:25:33] Jack Alexander: Because it is currently the most religious state known to current existence.
[22:26:22] Jack Alexander: As far as the North Koreans are concerned, America is an evil imperialistic state, and Kim-Jong Un is their Deity.
[22:26:43] Jack Alexander: You are born, you are nothing but property of the state.
[22:27:02] Jack Alexander: To forever serve for the one leader. The one King. The Great leader.
[22:27:14] Jack Alexander: The man that has an answer for everything.
[22:27:16] Jack Alexander: Ring any bells?

Military Action against Islamic extremism in Iraq - e-petitions

If I had my way through the British government, troop would already be on the ground and pushing back these extremists until every civilian in Iraq is safe.


Dug in British troops in North Africa

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

Robin Williams (via therandomactorg)
Haters gonna hate.

Haters gonna hate.

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Soldat mit MG-34. Russia,January,1942.


Soldat mit MG-34. Russia,January,1942.

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"If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church." - 1 Corinthians 14:35 (NIV)
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"If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church." - 1 Corinthians 14:35 (NIV)

Photo by Benson Kua




This is why I support the invasion of Iraq